What is alcohol?

Alcohol in its pure form is an odourless and tasteless liquid. The best-known drinks that contain alcohol are: beer, wine and spirits.


Alcohol has a narcotic effect. If you drink a little alcohol, you become more active and you dare to do more. If you drink more, you will pay less attention. You also react slower.


  • Memory issues
  • Accidents
  • Arguments and violence
  • Brain damage
  • Heart and liver diseases, cancer
  • Dangerous during pregnancy
  • Addiction


Belgian law regulates the use of alcohol in traffic. It also stipulates at to what age young people may obtain alcohol. The conditions under which you may produce and serve alcohol, is also laid down by law.

Limiting risks

If you’re younger than 18, it’s best not to drink alcohol. The brains of a young person are still in full development, and alcohol consumption may damage the development. If you don’t want to run the risk, then don’t drink alcohol.