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Risks of gambling

Gambling problems may have a significant effect on the environment. Problems may arise in several areas.

Money problems

They want to recover the lost money by gambling even more. Because of this money problems and debts may arise. As a result, people go and borrow money from friends and family. Some even go and steal.

Problems with work or school

Gambling may take up a lot of time. As a result there is less time for school or work.

Social problems

If people spend a lot of time on games of chance, they run the risk of neglecting their social contacts. This may result in social isolation.


Gambling may be so engrossing and exciting that you forget everything around you. You end up in a daze. The kick itself becomes more important than winning. Stopping gambling or betting may then resemble kicking the drugs habit. For example you may have to deal with withdrawal symptoms. These can be sleep problems, or fatigue, trembling, sweating, headaches, stomach and intestinal complaints, aggression, anxiety, depressive feelings, suspiciousness and feeling of inferiority.

What determines the risk?

Not all games of chance have the same number of risks. The risk depends on a number of factors.

  • The feeling that one has influence on the results.
  • The time between betting and playing, and the result.
  • Whether you can book a large profit with a small bet.
  • How often one wins.
  • How often people feel that they are just losing.
  • How easily one has access to a game. Are you able to play it at home on the smartphone? Or do you have to go to a casino?
  • The atmosphere that’s created in the environment where the game is played. Think of colour use, luxurious furnishings, sound signals when someone wins, etc.

Keep in mind that the risks are increasing when you can book a large profit with a small bet.